Monthly practice is held at the Garrison Institute in Garrison, NY

The 2019 practice dates at the Garrison Institute are as follows:

  1. Sun. Jan 6th - Auditorium

  2. Sun. Feb 24th - Auditorium

  3. Sun. Mar 24th (rain date Sun. Mar 31st) - Outdoors

  4. Sat. Apr 14th (rain date Sun. Apr 15th) - Outdoors

  5. Apr 18th - Apr 21st - Toko Annual Intensive Program

  6. Sat. May 18th (rain date Sun. May 19) - Outdoors

  7. Sat. Jun 15th (rain date Sun. Jun 16th) - Outdoors

  8. Sun. Jul 21st (rain date Sun. Jul 28th) - Outdoors

  9. Sun. Aug 11th (rain date Sun. Aug 18th) - Outdoors

  10. Sat. Sep 28th (rain date Sun. Sep 29th) - Outdoors

  11. Sun. Oct 20th - Auditorium/Outdoors

  12. Sun. Nov 3rd - Auditorium/Outdoors

  13. Sun. Dec 8th - Auditorium


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For information on the next available First Shot programs go to the programs page.