Kyudo: Moving Meditation


Kyudo (pronounced cue-doe) the practice of Zen archery, is a form of moving meditation -- and a unique martial art. The focus of the practice is on “cleaning the mind” rather than on marksmanship. The target becomes a mirror reflecting the quality of one’s mind at the moment of the arrow’s release. We at Toko Kyudojo practices the Heki Ryu Bishu Chikurin Ha school of Kyudo which emphasizes on the qualities above.


To begin the study of Kyudo, students are required to take a First Shot program.
These programs provide training in Kyudo’s Seven Coordinations – the basic form for aligning the body and properly releasing the arrow.

Several programs are offered each year -- as weekend workshops, a series of 4 consecutive Monday evenings, and residential programs at various meditation centers. See the PROGRAMS page for the next program. Upon completion of the First Shot Instruction, students continue their study of Kyudo at weekly practice sessions.



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