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2019 Garrison Spring Intensive

  • Garrison Institute 14 Mary's Way, Route 9D Philipstown, New York, 10524 (map)


Toko Kyudojo is pleased to invite you to our 2019 Spring Intensive at the Garrison Institute.

It will be our 21rst Annual Program with Don Symanski

In recent years we have explored some major themes of the kyudo form.  We worked on Kai, Hanare, and explored Shichido in detail. Then last summer in Montreal, we worked specifically with the internal process of attention.  Often vaguely described, attention was discussed in terms of specific features, which have broad application across our form as a whole.

Of the identified components of attention, the last one was: “It’s your own experience.”

That is the theme of this year’s program. Step back and look: What is your practice?

What does it mean to improve? What does it mean to take responsibility for your own training?

These are personal, not technical questions. They do not really have a right answer, yet it seems important to ask them.  The following words from Don offer some insight in to how and when to face these questions:

 In each shot some form of reflection is inevitable and there for us to acknowledge and accept.

Each shot has its own life...beginning to end. In an attitude of open acceptance, we let go of any holding on of results. In this way we put aside judgements of our practice which only limit our seeing further.

As we reflect on each shot, it is important to have a “light touch of mind and feeling”, relaxed sincerity and a sense of tutoring our own curiosity. If we practice in this spirit, maturity comes over time.  

When we bring our close attention, sincerity, and whatever level of experience to the shot, we have an expression of our life and even a celebration of what we are in those moments.


The program will begin Thursday evening April 18 and will conclude at 2:15 pm on Sunday April 21. There will be informal practice on Thursday afternoon beginning at 3:30 pm followed by dinner. On Saturday night we will have the famous biennial auction. There will be closing demonstration on Sunday.


The Garrison Institute is 50 miles north of New York City in a former Capuchin monastery overlooking the Hudson River. It is a rich place to practice; the food is excellent: simple, fresh, vegetarian. There is a warm, dry indoor practice area as well as an outdoor eight-person platform.


Registration opens on February 4, 2019

This program is open to everyone who has taken First Shot and maintains or is interested in ongoing practice.  Pre-registration is required. Registration details and costs can be found on the attached form. Please register early – by mail or online at We will send an email confirmation and additional program details in the spring.


Toko Kyudojo Inc. offers scholarships to help practitioners attend our programs. This year we will offer eight scholarships in the amounts of $175 and $300. We hope that the scholarships will help defray travel costs for those who are coming from far away. Scholarships will be divided geographically and are offered on a first come, first served basis. Please include a short note indicating the amount you are requesting.

We are always pleased to accept contributions to the scholarship fund – large or small. Contributions are fully tax-deductible. Please send a check payable to Toko Kyudojo, Inc. or visit the contribute page of our website:


The auction is held to benefit the Toko Scholarship fund. We hope and believe that this year will exceed all others, we will have yumi, ya, olive oil and many other items.  Please bring or send items that you would like to donate. Toko will issue a letter of tax deductible contribution for items over $40.


Full program

  • Single room: 3 nights + meals $495 facilities fee + $160 program fee…$655.00

  • Double room: 3 nights + meals $420 facilities fee + $160 program fee…$580.00

  • Dorm room: 3 nights + meals $360 facilities fee + $160 program fee…$520.00

  • No lodging: 3 days + meals $270 facilities fee + $160 program fee…$430.00

2 nights option: Fri/Sat

  • Single room: 2 nights + meals $330 facilities fee + $160 program fee…$490.00

  • Double room: 2 nights + meals $280 facilities fee + $160 program fee…$440.00

  • Dorm room: 2 nights + meals $240 facilities fee + $160 program fee…$400.00

  • No lodging: 2 days + meals $180 facilities fee + $160 program fee…$340.00

Single day + meals

$90 facilities fee + $90 program fee…$180.00

Please note the facilities fee is the amount charged by Garrison Institute and not under our discretion.

There are a limited number of singles and dorms at Garrison Institute. Please put your request in early, we will do our best to accommodate your preference. Accommodations choice on a first come, first served basis.

Scholarships are available.

We encourage people to take advantage of the funds available. For inquiries about scholarships, please contact us at:

Please consider donating to our scholarship fund if you are able. Space is provided on the registration form, or you can give online via the DONATE page of our website. All donations are tax deductible.

Questions or comments? Please contact us at:

We look forward to seeing you along the Hudson River in Spring.

Full Program + meals
2 Nights + meals
Single Day w/ Meals
Earlier Event: October 15
First Shot Class (October)