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2017 Garrison Spring Intensive with Don Symanski (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

The Challenge of Kai

Kai is not just another coordination but an internal activity of truth and openness.

Greetings ,

Toko Kyudojo is pleased to invite you to our 2017 Spring Intensive, our tenth spring program at Garrison and our eighteenth annual intensive with Don Symanski. Our theme this year is both difficult and nearly invisible: kai.

This intensive will be not only an opportunity but a challenge for us to engage in the work of kai. What happens, could happen, should happen in kai? How to get there, how to enter kai, be in it, know you are there…

Don has observed that many practitioners casually or unknowingly dismiss engaging in kai – perhaps for “reasons including feelings of hope or fear. This is unfortunate because it is in kai that body and spirit are raised to a higher level of awareness.” To be in kai is to reach or encounter the right moment for release.

Program :

The program will begin Wednesday evening April 26 and will conclude at 2:15 pm on Sunday April 30. There will be informal practice Wednesday afternoon beginning at 3:30 pm followed by dinner.

On Saturday we will offer a one day First Shot program for the first time during our
spring intensive with Don.

The famous biennial auction will be held on Saturday night

Facilities :

The Garrison Institute is 50 miles north of New York City in a former Capuchin monastery overlooking the Hudson River. It is a rich place to practice; the food is excellent: simple, fresh, vegetarian. There is a warm, dry indoor practice area as well as
an outdoor eight-person platform.


This program is open to everyone who has taken First Shot and maintains or is
interested in ongoing practice. Preregistration is required. Cancellations before March 24 will be refunded 100%. Cancellations between March 25 and April 3 will be refunded 50%; between April 4 and April 14 25%. No refund for cancellations after April 15. NOTE: NO registration after April 15. Please note that the entire facilities fee goes directly to the Garrison Institute. Those who would like to attend but are unable to commit to the entire program may register for one of the other options available. Please register early. We will send an email confirmation and additional program details in the spring.


Full Program:

a. Single room: 4 nights + meals $640 facilities fee + $150 program fee…$790.00
b. Double room: 4 nights + meals $560 facilities fee + $150 program fee…$710.00
c. Triple room: 4 nights + meals $475 facilities fee + $150 program fee…$625.00
d. No lodging: 4 days + meals $380 facilities fee + $150 program fee…$530.00

3 nights options: 4/26 - 4/29 or 4/27 - 4/30

e. Single room: 3 nights + meals $480 facilities fee + $160 program fee…$640.00
f. Double room: 3 nights + meals $420 facilities fee + $160 program fee…$580.00
g. Triple room: 3 nights + meals $355 facilities fee + $160 program fee…$515.00
h. No lodging: 3 days + meals $285 facilities fee + $160 program fee…$445.00

2 nights options: 4/27 - 4/29 or 4/28 - 4/30

i. Single room: 2 nights + meals $320 facilities fee + $160 program fee…$480.00
j. Double room: 2 nights + meals $280 facilities fee + $160 program fee…$440.00
k. Triple room: 2 nights + meals $240 facilities fee + $160 program fee…$400.00
l. No lodging: 2 days + meals $190 facilities fee + $160 program fee $350.00
m. Single day + meals $ 95 facilities fee + $90 program fee…$185.00

Registration buttons are below.

Scholarship :

Toko Kyudojo Inc. offers scholarships to help practitioners attend our programs. This year we will offer eight scholarships in the amounts of $175 and $300. We hope especially that the scholarships will help defray travel costs for those who are coming from afar. Scholarships will be divided geographically and are offered on a first come, first served basis. Please include a short note indicating the amount you are requesting. We are always pleased to accept contributions to the scholarship fund – large or small. Contributions are fully tax-deductible.

The auction is held to benefit the Toko scholarship fund. We hope and believe that this
year’s auction will exceed all those previous. We will have yumi, ya, a brand new kake,
services, olive oil, and many other items. Please bring or send items that you would like
to donate. Toko will issue a letter of tax-deductible contribution for items donated on

Questions or comments? Please contact us at: .
We look forward to seeing you along the Hudson River this spring.

In the sixth coordination, when all the elements necessary to form the perfect cross come together, the final concentration and intensification of body and mind begin. The 'final work' of kai is a gentle stretching of the vertical line of neck and spine as well as the horizontal line of the chest, shoulders and arms. This stretching or expansion continues after full draw and until any and all slackness in mind and body have been removed.

Excerpts from Ken Kushner, Don Symanski, and Dan